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Making Access Easy For You

Zooming on the Website

Are you having trouble reading the text on the website? Please follow the intructions below to zoom in.

1. Hold ctrl and tap + to zoom in increments. 

2. Hold ctrl and tap - to zoom out in increments.

Activating Text-to-Speech 

1. On a Mac

If you have trouble reading text on your screen, you can have your Mac speak the text whenever you press a key or set of keys.

  1. Choose Apple menu > System Preferences, click Accessibility, then click Speech.

  2. Select the “Speak selected text when the key is pressed” checkbox.

    By default, speaking is enabled when you press Option-Esc. To choose a different key, click Change Key, press one or more modifier keys (Command, Shift, Option, or Control) together with another key, then click OK.

  3. To have your Mac start speaking, press the specified key. To stop the speaking, press the key again.

    If text is selected when you press the key, the selected text is spoken. Otherwise, available text items in the current window are spoken; for example, if Mail is the current window, an email message is read.

    Note: If no text items are available, you hear a beep.

To turn off this feature, deselect the “Speak selected text when the key is pressed” checkbox.

2. On a Windows 10 PC

Narrator reads text on your PC screen aloud and describes events, such as notifications or calendar appointments, so you can use your PC without a display.

To start or stop Narrator, press the Windows logo key  + Ctrl + Enter. To see all Narrator commands, press Caps Lock + F1 after you open Narrator. If your device has a touchscreen, tap it three times with four fingers.

Prefer talking to someone?

The Doctor Service will always endeavour to provide the best service possible. If you would like help in either reading or understanding the questions or information given, please call our Customer Services department on 01527 505 462 where our staff will be happy to talk you through it and help in any way we can.  

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