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Antibiotic Use

The Doctor Service is committed to the appropriate use of all of its medicines. 

In 2014 the World Health Organization declared antibiotic resistance as one of the greatest public health crises of modern times. Antibiotic resistance is being encouraged by the over-use of antibiotics, prescribing habits of health professionals as well as use of antibiotics in the food and agriculture industries.

Overprescribing & inappropriate use

Antibiotics can do more harm than good when prescribed or taken incorrectly and do not discriminate between good and bad bacteria in the body. By killing the beneficial bacteria in our body, this can given an opportunity for dangerous disease-causing bacteria to grow in their place. Antibiotics may also have a number of side effects including vomiting, thrush and diarrhoea, so therefore should only be taken or prescribed when needed. 

You should complete the entire course of antibiotics, not skip any within the course, and certainly never give your antibiotics to anyone else. We take any allegations of inappropriate use of antibiotics seriously at The Doctor Service. 

What can you do?

1. Do not take antibiotics unless they have been prescribed for you. 
2. Ensure you finish your antibiotics, do not skip doses or share your antibiotics. 
3. Do not buy antibiotics from websites not regulated by the MHRA.
4. Become an ANTIBIOTIC GUARDIAN. Make a pledge about how you will make better use of antibiotics and help tackle the rising danger of antibiotic resistance. 

The Doctor Service has pledged to be an antibiotic guardian. Sign up here: Antibioticguardian.com

Antibiotics resistance in the UK

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