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Dr Kiran Sodha talks about ways to treat erectile dysfunction. Click the video or read below to find out about the alternatives…

“I see patients with ED on a very common basis and I think generally, male GPs see slightly more than female GPs, as men often find it more comfortable talking to men.

With one of my patients, we had to go through this process of getting the right doses for him. So he came to me about 2 years ago and we started with Sildenafil on a lower dose. It partially worked for him, but it wasn’t that good for him.

So we increased the dose and that worked great for a period of time. However, he found that he wanted something that would have a longer duration of action. And that’s when we started to Tadalafil.

If you need to, get some advice from someone or you can even speak to us about it. It’s also worth talking to your partner, to find out how they feel about it.

Is it dangerous?

It’s not dangerous to take these medications. There was a lot of controversy when these medications first came out, but for most people, it is safe.

There are certain conditions that you should be aware of though. For example, if you had a heart attack in the last three months, or a stroke in the last six months, you shouldn’t rake these medications.

There are other reasons why you can’t take these medications. For example if you are getting an angina (getting chest pain when you are exercising). Or if you are taking other medications that can cause dropping your blood pressure.

If you want to check whether the medications you are taking at the moment is safe to take with ED treatments, you can check this when filling out the online questionnaire for ED treatments on our website.

Alternative treatments

There are alternative treatments available to the ones we provide in our website, and that depends on whether treatments like Sildenafil and Tadalafil are effective for you. If they are not effective for you, then you should seek for the alternatives.

Suppositories can be another treatment option where these medications are put in the backside, or when you have injections to the penis, which helps to stimulate an erection. But these are usually prescribed by specialists. So normally you won’t see these type of medications in general practice or even online.

There are also vacuum devices that can be used if you can’t tolerate or take tablets. Other causes like stress and anxiety could be the cause for ED as well. It might be useful to look back for the root cause of what is what is causing and driving your stress and anxiety.

If it’s not stress or anxiety, but more of the difficulties and anxieties around of having sex, then sometimes it is worth to go on psychosexual therapy. That can be really helpful especially if you go with your partner.

So that’s all we’ve got time for! That’s 3 videos on ED that we’ve done over the last few weeks. We’ve got more video content coming up for other subjects, and we don’t beat around the bush.

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