Erectile Dysfunction – Let’s talk about it.

Dr Kiran talks in our first episode on Erectile Dysfunction, otherwise known as ED. Check out why it’s important we talk about it and why it happens. You can read the more…

Why is ED important? 

I think it’s important to talk about Erectile Dysfunction because so many people in the world are affected, including in the UK. There are up to 50% of men, by the age of 50 and 40% of men age of 40 affected by Erectile Dysfunction.
It also affects younger people, and it’s often due to different causes. So it’s not just a condition that affects older people.  

Why does ED happen? 

Why it’s happening could be due to a variety of causes.  

Last month I was speaking to a patient, and he has problems with his heart and diabetes. The reason why he’s most likely being affected by Erectile Dysfunction now, is because of the poor blood flow to the penis affected by his conditions. And that is one of the main causes for Erectile Dysfunction.

Not diabetes or heart problem per se, but the reduce blood flow to the penis as a result. The vessel that goes to the penis allows an erection to happen. And that is actually quite small. So, if that starts to get block, then that leads to problem with the erection.  

The way to prevent that is to live a healthy lifestyle, and try to prevent some of the causes like diabetes and cardiovascular problems. That includes heart problems. Ways to do that is to actually go back further and think – what am I eating? How am I exercising? and how can I make sure my vessels are as healthy as possible?

The other thing that could be causing ED is what we term nervous sytem causes. They are things like anxiety, stress and depression which are really common. In fact, they are the most common causes for erectile dysfunction in men age under 40.

It is a common misconception that people aged 40, or over 50, are the only ones who suffer from erectile dysfunction.
But actually, it’s really common that the ones that men below the age of 40 also do suffer from it.

But like I said before, that is more likely due to stress. So, people who are affected, may want to think about what’s driving it. It doesn’t mean to say that the tablets won’t work, because they are like likely to work, but often they help not just to improve the blood flow, but also to boost confidence too.

If you’re having constant problems with erections, despite treatment, you might need to get some further advice. Some people do need blood tests to screen for other causes.

There are much other rare causes that I’ll just mention, but they are very unlikely to occur in most people. T includes other nerve system causes like Parkinson and Multiple Sclerosis.

There can also rarely be hormonal causes. People worry that their testosterone level is quite low, and that’s quite unlikely. Most of the time you won’t need to be checked for your testosterone level.

If it is a testosterone cause, then there’s actually a different treatment for it. And tablets may not be as effective for you. So, you just need to make sure what is causing your erectile dysfunction to get the best type of your treatment if it’s not particularly effective for you.

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