Hair Loss – What are your Treatment Options?

Dr Kiran talks treatment options: Shampoos, creams, tablets and wigs. “I’ve been seeing a lot of people recently in my clinic and also online…

and we’ve been talking about why they might be getting hair loss. 

A lot of them have found it has affected their self esteem, and that they’ve even been treated differently, and they’ve wanted to find out about different treatment options. 

While hair loss isn’t a medical condition as such, it can affect they way people feel about themselves, and there are ways to treat it. There are things such as tablets that doctors can prescribe and there are other treatments such creams or foams. There are certain things that you can also get from your barbers such as shampoos and gels, specifically ones with caffeine in them, and also there are wigs!

The thing is, there are a whole variety of things and it can be really confusing as to what you should use.

Caffeine shampoos and similar products haven’t been validated by the medical community but for some people they do work.

Other people may decide they don’t need treatments and they use wigs. The problem with wigs, especially the really good ones, is that they can cost around £600 and you need to change them every 6 months. The great thing about them though, is once these are on, they don’t come off and they’re completely waterproof. 

There is another option that doctors can prescribe, and it does work in around 9 out of 10 patients. That is a tablet called Finasteride.

At The Doctor Service, we prescribe this tablet, and we’re completely regulated by the CQC and other relevant authorities. You should make sure that you’re ordering your medication from the right place. 

It’s also much more affordable for using the wigs. For a 3 month treatment it can cost around £30-40 and if you want to just order a month at a time you can do that. Usually it takes 8-12 weeks to really start working, and as stated previously, it works in 9 out of 10 of people. 

The other thing you could try is a cream or a foam called minoxidil, also known as regaine in the UK. In the US it is called Rogaine. Now it is a bit more expensive than the tablets but sometimes people prefer using a topical treatment rather than tablets. 

It doesn’t quite as well. It is effective, but in around 6-7 out of 10 men whereas finasteride is roughly effective in 9 out of 10 people. People also worry about side effects. There are some side effects that can be associated with finasteride but they usually occur in less than 1 out of 10 of people. 

With Minoxidil / Regaine, most people do not get any side effects. Although uncommon some people can sometimes get some mild skin irritation around the area. So that’s all I’ve got to say today!

If you want to find out more have a look at our hair loss page at The Doctor”

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