Kirsteen’s hypothyroid story

Kirsteen’s Story: I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism 10 years at the age of 38, after having a full medical in the United States as part of a health insurance package. I had been sleeping more and more as time was going by, over months, if not at least a year, but I’d not thought seriously about it…

I was working out 6 days a week and did not have much of an appetite, but my weight was slowly rising. I would have a nap in the afternoon and would still be asleep at 9pm.

So, when I was prescribed 50mcg of thyroxine and had taken it for just a few weeks it was like a revelation. The changes due to hypothyroidism had been so gradual that I had just accepted them without questioning, but the relatively rapid change to feeling ‘normal’ again was stunning and I suddenly felt 10 years younger that I had just a few weeks before!

My mum is also taking thyroxine, she’s on 75mcg, having been on 100mcg for a while because she wasn’t taking it properly. She was eating too soon after taking it, or even having it with her breakfast, which made a huge difference to its absorption.

I am now taking 75 micrograms daily and have over the years been anaemic and deficient in vitamin D which both left me with a similar exhausted feeling as hypothyroidism did, so I was often questioning whether I was on the correct dosage, now I am feeling better than ever as I seem to be stable on all counts.

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