Malaria Must Die Campaign with David Beckham

What is the #MalariaMustDie Campaign?

#MalariaMustDie is a campaign that has celebrity endorsement with…David Beckham and is principally about raising awareness of the impact Malaria is having on millions of people every year. Malaria Must Die is not just one organisation. Is it a group of organisations coming together to raise awareness. It is being led by Malaria No More UK, the Gates Foundation and the RollBack Malaria Partnership.

Who else is backing the campaign?

The most recent and notable backer is The UK Secretary of State for International Development, Penny Mordaunt. Other key advocates include prominent researcher Deus Thindwa of Imperial College London, CEO Liz Warner of Comic Relief, and Luc Debruyne, President of Global Vaccines at GSK.

Who would have thought, even Fever Tree are backing the campaign, as quinine which was once a commonly used medication in fighting Malaria in World War 2, is naturally found in tonic water. In much smaller amounts mind you, and it’s worth noting drinking tonic water certainly won’t protect you from Malaria!

It has a wide variety of institutions supporting the campaign which includes..

The shocking statistics on Malaria.

Did you know in the 21st Century, around 400,000 people continue to die from Malaria each year, and 212 million people are infected every year. In fact current estimates suggest that around 5% of the entire global population are affected with Malaria, and nearly 50% of the world’s population live in malaria risk regions.

90% of countries affected by Malaria are part of the Commonwealth.

What are they trying to achieve?

The campaign has some big goals and appears that it is achieving traction in achieving its goals. They are contributing to awareness to drive the conversation at the next Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) to ensure that the target for reducing cases of Malaria is met. This target is an ambitious 50% reduction, to halve the number of deaths from Malaria by 2023, in just 4 years from now.

Last year the CHOGM, which included fourteen heads of state, academics, scientists, international organisations and Bill Gates coming to the targets and an agreement. Since this meeting, £2.9Billion has been committed to the fight against Malaria. They expect to save the lives of 650,000 people, and reduce the number of cases of Malaria by 350 million over just 5 years.

The next CHOGM isn’t until 2020, and it’s being held in Rwanda, a country that has a high incidence of Malaria leading to thousands of deaths. It’s sure to be a hot topic at CHOGM 2020.

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