Unsafe and Fake Medications

Don’t let Online Pharmacies Put Your Health at Risk

The Doctor Service has found that just googling ‘Viagra’ reveals websites jostling for top position on google by lying about prices and reviews to get customers to buy Viagra…

Why you should think twice before buying prescription medicine from an online pharmacy

Is your ‘Online Doctor’ you just bought from really a Doctor? Is that website the ‘guaranteed cheapest’ just to get your clicks?
Or does your online pharmacy look like the latest lifestyle magazine? Unfortunately even the healthcare industry is plagued misinformation and fake news online.

43% of Online Prescribers are Unsafe

In 2018 the Care Quality Commission ‘State of Care’ report found 43% online prescribers were unsafe at inspection.
Did you know the CQC doesn’t even have the power to be able to regulate even half of the prescribers. If a website is run by a pharmacist with pharmacy providers the CQC cannot ensure it is providing a safe service held to the highest standards.
Nor can it ensure that services are safe if the doctors are based in Bulgaria or other countries.

Doing a google search for Viagra reveals websites jostling for top position on google by lying about reviews and prices to get customers to buy their Viagra. 

Do you know about the Risks and potential Side Effects with your treatment?

Transparency of ownership, or even who’s authorised your prescription is virtually impossible on many websites.

Has it really got to the point where people don’t even have the faintest idea about the risks, side effects and whether they’re on the right treatment? How do you know the treatment you’re requesting is the best for you?

Medicines are on prescription and not freely available for a reason. They can have serious health risks. 

Online Healthcare is not just e-commerce.

Let’s get standardised regulation. The CQC and GPHC need to start working together to regulate online healthcare services.
Two regulators inspecting similar services leads to loopholes and breaking ethical codes of conduct.

What should a service look like that the public can trust in?

1. Check who owns the Company and who’s running the website in which you’re getting healthcare advice or medicines from.
2. Is there clear information on which medication is going to be the best for you? Don’t risk your health or spend your money on the wrong medicine.
4. Is anyone actually checking the medication is safe for you? Make sure they are giving you the right health advice if you need it.
5. Check your online pharmacies are not saying they are ‘online doctors’, and the ‘cheapest’ online pharmacies.
Doctors are qualified to give you the best advice on your health and remain the trusted authority in healthcare.
Get your medicines from a doctor you can trust, with track records not in selling, but in the qualifications and the service they provide.
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