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Identity Checks

Why are ID checks necessary?
We are legally required to ensure that medication is being prescribed safely and appropriately to the right person.

What is The Doctor Service’s ID check procedure?
We are required by the CQC, the healthcare regulators, to ensure or 'verify' the identity of everyone who registers with The Doctor Service. We do this through 3rd party networks that check data held by credit agencies and other authoritative sources. These checks are considered 'soft checks' to verify that you are who you say you are without affecting yout credit rating or score.

It is therefore important that you give us your correct details to enable us to carry out these necessary checks.

Photo Identification
On those rare occasions where there are discrepancies in the information you give us, we may request additional documentation, such as photo ID, before a prescription can be issued.
We use HIPAA compliant email servers which means that any documentation you send is encrypted and secured by the stringent physical, network and process security measures we have in place. 


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