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Our Pharmacy

Chemist.net is an online pharmacy now in its 12th year of running, and was acquired by Norchem Healthcare Limited in May 2017. 

What do Chemist.net provide?

- A very large range of over-the-counter pharmacy products incuding;
- Gluten Free Foods
- Nutritional Drinks
- Vitamins
- Fragrances
- Pet supplies
- Mobility items
- Much, much more

If they don't stock it, just ask and they'll see if they can source it for you. 

They are able to offer some of the lowest prices you’ll find from an online pharmacy, and you can be assured that all products are genuine.

Their goal is simple: low prices with fast delivery and high quality customer services.

Chemist.net is registered with the GPhC and MHRA. Their dedicated and experience staff are overseen by fully qualified pharmacists who are available by phone if you need advice.

Company Information



Owner of the business

Norchem Healthcare Limited

Registered Address

18 Oxleasow Road Redditch Worcestershire B98 0RE

Company Number



0808 156 1686

Email Address


ICO Registration


GPhc Registered Premises Number           


MHRA Registration


Superintendent Pharmacist

Peter Horrocks

Superintendent Pharmacist Registration


Responsible Pharmacist

Veselin Dimitrov

Responsible Pharmacist Registration      



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